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Hi – thanks for visiting my website – I hope that the images you see on here give you a good idea of how I like to approach a wedding.

Before I became a photographer I had been lucky enough to go all over the world in my role as an athlete sponsorship manager for adidas and went to almost all of the major sporting events. At the time I took it for granted – now I realise what a huge privilege it was. I was able to pick up a lot of advice from some of the top sports photographers as well and it was this that encouraged me to take up a career in photography. For many years I shot regular features for newspapers and magazines – and this was back in the day when weddings were shot on medium format film cameras – and often to a very tight rigid script ( pic 1 – bride and father at home- pic 2 bride getting into car pic 3 groom and best men outside the church etc etc – you get the picture !!) It was this formula that put me off shooting weddings. It was only when I noticed that people wanted a much more relaxed and informal journalistic approach that I started to shoot a few weddings. And Ive never looked back ! These days with digital technology it is possible to achieve almost any image that you can think of – and a lot that would have been almost impossible without the high sensitivity of todays digital cameras.

But fundamentally nothing much has changed from when I started – you still have to anticipate the moments that make up a wedding – and my experience has enabled me to draw upon many years of shooting weddings to get those images. And its also exciting to be part of the wedding business to see the fantastic images that people are producing these days – I truly believe that this is a golden era in wedding photography where there are many photographers pushing back the boundaries at each wedding they shoot.

As you will see from my images I observe and document what happens during a wedding – and I hope that these images are what you will remember from your wedding day which is one of the most significant days in your life. I never forget this and it is still a huge privilege all these years later to be chosen to be a part of this and to produce images that will be passed down to future generations.

There is also a short film about how I approach wedding photography shot in my studio in Macclesfield by the very talented Jeff Wood – please have a look and feel free to leave any comments.

Here are some links to some of my recent weddings:

brdal preparations at Chateau Rigau, St Emilliond

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bride and groom in Chateau Rigaud sunset

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bride and groom pose under evening sky

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Moira Tierney Jones Fisher -

Paul – fabulous portfolio – as always but I miss the background music of the Peter Gabriel track you used in previous portfolio. I love the way you explain everything is such a natural but professional manner. Well done

admin -

hi Moira – yes it was / is a great track – but artists are getting litigeous these days !!!