Do you take detail shots ?

Yes I do – the details of your day are a major part of the preparations that you have made and these are included in the album – I tend not to feature them on my website as I am primarily a documentary wedding photographer and like to concentrate on the people who played a significant part in your wedding day, but rest assured, I’ll be photographing all of the details you spent so much time getting just right.

Can we give you a shot list of photographs we want you to take?
Yes Im quite happy for you to show me what images you like although due to the nature of documentary photography it is almost impossible to re-create these. The last thing I want you to be doing is to have you going through a mental checklist of images that you have seen in magazines – documentary photography includes un-scripted moments that make your day unique to you. These shot lists provided by many major bridal magazines are great to help you get an idea of what images you like.

Do you take group family images?
A few weeks before your wedding we will get together to discuss your day and decide on the group shots – these usually are no more than 10 shots and are mainly informal which seem to keep everyone happy. PLEASE bear in mind that my preferred way of working is to document your day in real-time, so a very long list of posed images will hinder my ability to cover the event in a documentary manner.

Are you the only photographer?
Yes, I find that my unobtrusive approach is appreciated by couples who don’t want their wedding day becoming a paparazzi shoot.


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paul atherton wedding photography at ragley hall FAQs
Do you travel?
Weddings in Cheshire are included in the price. For weddings outside of Cheshire a mileage charge is levied at the current published AA recommended rates. If overnight accommodation is required this will be charged to you.

Do you have an assistant or another photographer?
Sometimes. Depending on the wedding schedule I have a number of like minded photographers who shoot in a similar style – these are experienced photographers not assistants and as such an additional charge may be applicable.

How long does it take to get our products and images?
If you have selected an option that includes a wedding album design once we have agreed upon the album design you will receive your album 6 weeks later. You should allow a half day during the week to view the images and design the album at the studio in Cheshire unless otherwise arranged.

How many pictures will we get?
Somewhere between 350 – 450.

Do we get to keep the original files?
The original files are taken in a RAW format which have to be processed to get the best image. You cannot produce an image from an un-processed RAW file. If you have selected the option for high-resolution digital files (the digital equivalent of negatives) these will be sent to you within one month of the wedding. I do retain the copyright to the images and the right to use them for promotional purposes, competition, professional review, and so on. However you will get a written release that will allow you to make unlimited personal reproductions and copies for your friends and families.


Do you do a pre wedding shoot or attend the wedding rehearsal?
Not as a norm although a pre wedding shoot can be added to the coverage and usually take place in Cheshire or Manchester.Having shot hundreds of weddings I have a pretty good understanding of the schedule of the day. If you feel that I need to be there I will attend but an additional charge may be made.

How does the album design process work?
Approx 3-4 weeks after the wedding we will meet to look through the pre designed album – at this stage you can make as many changes to the layout the images or the number of pages in the album. If you cannot make it to the studio due to the distance involved you do get to preview your album design and make up to three rounds of changes. Once you approve the layout the album will be ordered and any extra charges for upgraded cover or extra pages are due. If the album is sent to you this will be sent by recorded delivery at cost.

What albums are available ?
There are a number of different styles available. Most couples choose a Jorgensen album for its simplicity and clean lines. I currently offer both styles – in a traditional style book your images are printed on photographic paper and set behind mats. This has become the “traditional” wedding album. The other style is to have the images printed directly onto the pages and has become increasingly more popular.

What is the online gallery?
The online gallery is a private, password protected section on my website where all of your wedding photographs will be placed online for you and your family and friends to view. It is also a secure shopping cart – which allows you (and your family and friends) to order prints .You simply give your password to anyone who might like to look at the images.


paul atherton wedding photographer FAQs

paul atherton wedding photographer ragley hall FAQs

Do you do engagement sessions?
Yes. Please take note that most engagement sessions have to be done monday – thursday during the main wedding season.

Do you have insurance?

Do you hold the date for me?
Wedding bookings are taken on a first come first served basis. That’s the fairest way for everybody.

What is your payment schedule ?
A booking fee/retainer of £350 is due to reserve your date. The balance is due 30 days before your event . If booking under thirty days before the wedding the entire contract amount is due.

What if you cannot make the day due to illness ?
I have a number of like minded professional colleagues who will step in at short notice should I not be able to attend due to illness or injury.

When should we book?
Once you find a photographer with whom you connect and like their style and feel comfortable, if you don’t book right away you run the risk of losing the date. As I don’t pencil in the date, it becomes available on a first come first served basis. Once the booking fee is received the date is then confirmed.

If we go over the agreed time, will you stay?
Yes – but by mutual consent – there is an overtime charge of £150 per hour and goes into effect with your permission. If you over run by a very short time (15 – 20 mins) then there is no charge.

Do you offer discounts for off-season or non-saturday events?
Sometimes – it depends on the date and time of year – but please bear in mind that I put the same effort into a monday wedding as a saturday wedding !!

Do we have to feed you ?
It doesn’t have to be the same as your sit-down meal (many caterers offer “supplier meals” as an add-on option) but I prefer to be fed when you are fed, not afterwards, because when you are eating you’re not at your most photogenic although there can be some great “moments” during the meal too – once you have finished eating I need to be ready to continue shooting.

Can our family and friends take pictures with their cameras? Does that bother you?
Its very difficult to restrict people to shooting at the same time and as many people now have equally good digital cameras its almost impossible to stop this. All that I ask is that when I have set up certain shots that the keen photographers who might be there don’t try to shoot over my shoulder – its distracting for the bride and groom and as I’m being paid to record their day it may mean that they don’t get the best possible shots.