From image capture to final image

cheshire wedding photographer paul atherton processed image1 From image capture to final image

Ive posted this image to show just how much detail can be found in an unprocessed image that I shot at a wedding a couple of years ago and how different it can look from image capture to final image.

But first a little background information on how I got to shoot the entrance of the bride from such an unusual point of view. The wedding had become a little (!) delayed by almost 35 mins. As the time was ticking away and the vicar was getting more and more agitated – he had another wedding at 3pm – having had a look around I saw that it was possible to include the clock in an image of the bride and her father walking up the aisle by hanging over the balcony a little and using a medium wide angle lens.

I already had plenty of shots of the bride and her father outside, and knew that provided they walked through the middle of the aisle there was a good chance of a different image than usual.

However, there’s not much that can be done when a videographer decides that he needs to go in close even though I’d mentioned that I’d like him to keep out of the shot ! So in the final image I had to clone him out and add some darkened area to mask him out of the shot. I had no idea that the reflection of the bride would be caught in the clock face until I saw the image later in the editing – a bonus !! All that was done other than removing Mr Videographer was to straighten the lines a little bit and bring out the details of the dress and the reflection in the clock face. You could argue that the wires could also be taken out but I don’t think that it makes any difference to story of the bride being 35 minutes late – the videographer just spoils the image although in a purist sense it does tell the story more truthfully.

Although i dont like to interfere too much with an image there are times when some careful processing can make a lot of difference from image capture to final image that is delivered to the client.

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