Wedding album or disc?

IMG 3001 Wedding album or disc?

So – do you go with a wedding album or disc ? The dilemma !! Just think about this for a moment – we have never taken more photographs in the history of man but never printed less and all those images are saved in a digital format which one day may be unreadable !!

I have just delivered the wedding album to Gary and Helen from their wedding last November at the Alderley Edge Hotel in Cheshire. They chose a beautiful Jorgensen Art album which can only be purchased via one of their approved photographers. You may think that its taken a long time to get the album to them, but when you factor in Xmas and the time it takes to design and put an album together its a comparatively short time. Most couples these days seem to want a disc only package which allows them to print off images for family and friends and to design their own wedding albums. But in reality, when I have contacted couples a year later over 80% have not had the inclination or desire to put together an album. Things get in the way – a new life together, babies, a new kitchen, holidays and just the everyday business of starting a new life together. So the disc of high res images that was such an important part of the package gets shoved to one side – in a drawer or in a box of wedding day memories, cast away to be looked at another time. Now, if couples want to do that then that is their prerogative, but there is no guarantee that in 10 years time (or more ) that the disc or memory stick will be easy to read – new software, new operating systems that may struggle to open the images. Ok, so you can copy the images to a computer hard drive, but again this may not be future proof.

So we come back to the album – a hand finished work of art and lasting memories, that may cost a little more now but will be invaluable in the future for their children . What price can you put on that. Imagine sitting down to show your wedding disc to your children – ah sorry I cant load it until I send it off to be re read and then it will be ok !! Or, get the album out and reminisce about long lost friends and relatives that you spent time with for a fleeting moment and may never have seen again. What price can you put on that – all for the sake of saving on an album and spending the money on chair back covers or table favours that have long since been forgotten – apart from in the album of course or on the disc which were taken by the photographer !!

So before you decide for the disc only option stop and think for a while – yes you may be saving some money now but are you really saving ? An album will last for ever – unless you are unfortunate to have a fire ( which is often many couples first possession that they try to save !) or similar disaster. Your photographer will happily give you lots of options to provide you with a lasting printed memory of your special day.

For your information the album that I supplied to Helen and Gary was a Jorgensen album containing 120 images of varying sizes in both black and white and colour and printed by a professional laboratory on professional paper. If you want to see how I put these album together please have a look at this short film which also explains my approach to modern day wedding photography.

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